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Want to know more? I will be happy to send you complete seminar/program, and workshop descriptions. Click here.
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I present a variety of programs, seminars, and workshops about weaving and music.  

I've given presentations for adults and children at libraries, museums, festivals, fairs, guilds, private homes, conferences, colleges, schools and on the radio.

  • My presentations are "ideas" generated
  • Technique is presented as the way to make what is in your head visible in the easiest manner
  • Technique focus is on experimentation and adapting what I demonstrate to what works for the student. Creativity is on par with perspiration!
  • I incorporate a variety of lessons and exercises to reach different learning styles
  • The schedule is paced to accommodate all skill levels
  • The learning atmosphere is open and accepting of each participant's ideas, skills and efforts
  • Structure is organized to accomplish workshop objectives, but flexible to accommodate the needs of the participants

My teaching goal: inspire students to honor and develop their own creativity while gaining technical skill


  • Beyond Plaid: Fiber Artists and Music of Scotland - Travel and tales from Shetland to the Borders

  • Entangled Web - A weaver’s approach to creative focus
  • Promotion 24/7 - Making a Living From Your Fiber Skills

  • A Rumpelstiltskin Delight: Double Warp Overlay Rugs and Design

  • Spinning Straw Into Gold: Woven Harmonies - The rhythmic and metaphoric link of weaving and music

  • Spirit Song: The Woven Liturgical Tradition

  • Theme and Variation: More Weaving That Sings - Program based on the book of the same title and the work of Joyce Harter and Nadine Sanders

  • Warping on a Shoestring - Speed warping and tensioning with laces

  • Woven Wearables for Every Body


  • It's Good for Your Heart: Waulking - Participatory demo of waulking cloth

       Length: 90 minutes to 3 hours
       Fee: $175


    One Day Workshops

  • Entangled Web - Machine needle felting

  • Hands on Dye Painting for Weavers, Spinners, Quilters - Making fabric to create with

  • Introduction to Weaving for Knitters and Spinners - Explore if weaving is for you

  • Journey to Design Confidence - Approaching design from many paths

  • Textured Plain Weave: Boggle Top

  • Warping with Paddles, Shoestrings and the Kitchen Sink! - A speed warping technique

    Two, Three or Five Day Workshops

  • Cut It Up: The Six Panel Jacket - A project workshop to complete a unique handwoven and commercial fabric jacket

  • Painting with Fabric Strips - A project workshop on inlaying and designing with commercial fabrics

  • A Rumpelstiltskin Adventure - Moorman and Collingwood meet in the double warp overlay rug

  • The Spinner's Weaver - An introduction to weaving for spinners

  • Weaving That Sings: The Double Play - Moorman applications and design for wallhangings and clothing

  • Weaving That Sings: The Triple Play - Moorman applications and design for wallhangings, clothing, and rugs

  • The Clear Picture - Handwoven Transparencies, an inlay & design workshop

  • Efficient Beginnings and Happy Endings - preparing to weave and finishing your projects

       Workshop Fees:
       1 day - $325 + travel/housing
       2 day - $600 + travel/housing
       3 day - $900 + travel/housing


  • Spinning Straw Into Gold: Woven Harmonies - A solo full-length concert performance

  • The Singing Weaver - Three songs performed as a soloist with or without instrumental accompaniment as part of an opening or closing ceremony or during a keynote address at a fiber conference or festival

  • Straw Into Gold in Concert - The musical group Straw Into Gold in full-length performance. Includes a multi-media presentation of music, woven costumes, and digital images.

       Performance Fees: Negotiated per event

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