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The Singing Weaver

Woven by a musician,
sung by a weaver

The Jute Mill
Performed by Nadine Sanders with David Lange, piano
From the Straw Into Gold CD,
Many Moons © 2004 (MP3)

Welcome to my online home. Maybe you found this site because you are a weaver, or a musician, or perhaps both as I am.

Music and weaving go hand in hand for me. I was drawn to weaving by rhythm; the whoosh of the thrown shuttle, the pulse of the beater, the accents of the harnesses moving up and down. Close vocal harmonies relate to the marriage of structure, design and materials in successful weavings.

The process of weaving creates a tangible object enjoyed by the eyes and the hands. A song is most tangible in the moment when singing or hearing it and afterwards as it soaks into the soul.

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